Don't let the title make you dads think this is a one way street. I will post a similar blog as we approach Father's Day in June.

I have been divorced twice and as I get older I find out that I am not in the minority on this statistic and that I am one of many who have been down the road a few times. Regardless, I have 5 beautiful children. 3 boys and 2 girls, from 21 years old down to 7 years old. After my 1st divorce I always made sure I picked up my boys every year and took them shopping to get a card and pick up a gift for their mother. They are young men now, and always treat their mom right on Mother's Day. It's simply about respect pure and simple. She's still their mom and I wouldn't have the joy of them in my life without her.

I'm not the only one who thinks this way, and I found this blog about being a successful single dad, check it out here.

The same goes when I make the big run this weekend of 360 miles to see my 2 baby girls in Lowville, New York. The first thing we're doing after I pull in and get them situated in the Pontiac is making a run to the store and grabbing a card that I let them pick out, and a gift for their mom. Mother's Day isn't about the problems divorced couples with kids have had in the past, lord knows how many years ago. It's about teaching your kids to honor and respect their mothers. I know some guys don't get it. It's not about you, it's about them. Be a good dad and show your kids how to do the right thing and be the bigger person, they will love you more for it.

Happy Mother's Day!