I find it a little bazaar  there is an advertisement up regarding the sale of the Ethan Allen boat -- you know, the one that capsized on Lake George and killed 20 elderly passengers!  

Who would want to buy this boat anyway?  And if someone you knew bought the Ethan Allen, would you want to go on the boat?  If I recall, they initially found the canopy of the boat contributed to the capsizing, but it was never completely proven in court.  Not sure if I'd want to set foot on that boat if you paid me.

The boat was sold by Shoreline Cruises and supposedly resides in Ontario, Canada.  However, the company that bought the boat never got it out on the water.

One last thing though, if I had $40,000 laying around, I highly doubt I would go buy a boat like that....I'd much rather perfer a Formula or some other type of luxury boat (just sayin).  What do you think? Check out the story below.

Ethan Allen Up for Sale (Courtesy of the Poststar.com)