It's amazing how entertaining these game shows are becoming, mostly when it isn't even their intention. Maybe it's something that has always happened but in the past was edited out of broadcasts. The point is, people are funny. You can't spend much time with anyone before they do something funny or embarrassing, in this case, I'm sure glad it was on national TV.

The only sad thing about it, if you want to look that far into it, is this poor woman will be teased by friends and family for the rest of her life for this flub. If it just happened at a party or Thanksgiving dinner, maybe it would be something that just kind of goes away after a while, but being on "Wheel of Fortune", she will never live down being "that girl".
The other really great thing about the world we live in now, as opposed to the past, we now have "YouTube" and of course the video is already up, I thought you'd like to see it so , enjoy.  Thanks to BJ on our sister station for catching this as it happened last night.