Newcomer Eric Paslay is enjoying his first chart-topper with 'Friday Night.' Paslay is no stranger to hits, as he co-wrote 'Barefoot Blue Jean Night' for Jake Owen and 'Even If It Breaks Your Heart' for the Eli Young Band.

Paslay's song is a no-brainer for any Country Dance Club Playlist. While couples dancers could do a fast 'Shooter' and beginner line dancers could do 'EZ Rockin,' here is the suggested line dance tailor made for the song.

'Friday Night' Line Dance
Music:Friday Night by Eric Paslay
48 count,  4 wall, Intermediate line dance
Choreographed by Cheryl Dibble

Right Cross and Cross, Rock, Recover; Left Cross and Cross, Rock Recover

1&2,3,4 Cross R over L, step L to left side;cross R over L, rock L to left side, recover on R

5&6,7,8 Cross L over R, step R to right side;cross L over R, rock R to right side, recover on L

R and L Heel Switches, Rock, Recover;Right Coaster Step, Turn ¼ Left

1&2&3,4 R heel, home; L heel, home;rock forward on R, recover on L

5&6,7,8 Step R back, step L back, step R forward;Step on L, turning ¼ left.Step R next to L.

Left Side Shuffle, Vine,Right Cross Shuffle, Rock, Recover

1&2,3,4 Left side shuffle LRL, step R behind L, step L to left side

5&6,7,8 Cross R over left and shuffle RLR, rock L to left, recover on R

Left Cross Shuffle, vine, Right Side Shuffle, Cross Rock, Recover

1&2,3,4 Cross L over R and shuffle LRL, step R to right side, step L behind R

5&6,7,8 Right side shuffle, RLR rock L over R, recover on R

Shuffle Turning ¼ Left, Walk on R;Step on LTurning ¼;Jazz Box

1&2,3,4 Shuffle LRL, turning ¼ left;walk forward on R, step on L, turning ¼ left

5,6,7,8 Step R over L, step L back, step R to right, step L next to R

Forward and Back Mambo Steps;Right and Left Side Mambo Steps

1&2,3&4 Forward Right Mambo Step; Back Left Mambo Step

5&6,7&8 Right Side Mambo Step;Left Side Mambo Step

***RESTART on 1st wall after 40 steps (after jazz box).You will be facing 3:00.

***RESTART on 5th wall after 36 steps (before jazz box).You will be facing 3:00.

Both restarts will happen as the chorus kicks in.