I don't know if any of you were at SPAC for the Country Throwdown tour a few years ago, but if you were Eric Church stole that show. He was a big time hit again this past summer with Toby Keith at SPAC too.

Every time we get a chance to see Eric Church at a 1077 'GNA concert event he just gets bigger and bigger. His song make people happy. They are also great sing along songs too. Hits like "Guys Like Me", "How 'Bout You", "Love Your Love The Most", "Homeboy" and his current party hit "Drink In My Hand" are song that will stand the test of time.

I think his new CD "Chief" is the best album out of all the Grammy nominees for Country Album Of The Year. He's nominated with George Strait, Jason Aldean, Lady Antebellum, Blake Shelton and Taylor Swift in that category so the statement I made is really saying something about him.

Nobody I have ever run across in this busines has worked harder than Eric Church and I hope hard work pays off him. He is a headliner now and could easily rock a crowd of 30,000 on his own now. Keep up the great work Eric, you've got a lot of fans in Albany.