Eric Church is on fire right now, his career is hitting new heights and he's got a lot to be thankful for as he gets ready to headline 1077 'GNA's Countryfest 2012 on July 7th at the TU Center.Last week he hit the #1 spot on the country charts with his huge hit song "Springsteen". This week the news is twice as good. Eric held onto the #1 position for the second week in a row! The crowd will be singing along with him for sure. Let's enjoy his two week ride at #1 and listen to "Springsteen" right now on

The 19th annual WGNA Countryfest: Saturday July 7th at the Times Union Center, 51 South Pearl Street, Albany, NY. Tickets $24.50 - $55.00; buy them from Ticketmaster or at the door.