Eric Church has the one of the most loyal, growing and rabid fan bases in country music.

All of those small acoustic shows, county fairs and parking lot performances have paid off for him as his fans have stuck with him and spread the gospel of Eric Church since day number one of his career.

He finally reached the top of the mountain when he gave his fans arguably the best album in years "Chief". The collection of songs he assembled were mind melting. They made his biggest fans even crazier for his music, and brought in many new fans that he didn't have before that album. It was nominated for a Grammy but didn't win. It should have though.

Eric Church recently scored his first ever #1 hit with "Drink in My Hand" and I think he guaranteed that he will get 2 in a row with the release of his latest song "Springsteen." We're playing it for his fans on Today's Country 1077 'GNA. Give it a listen here and let us know what you think.