People who work hard deserve all they receive, and more out of life. Eric Church's career has been about hard work from day number one.

His first ever single was "How 'Bout You" and was a mid 20's charter. From the day he put that song out he hit the road, touring and playing live for anybody that would give him a stage. It wasn't about the money, it was about building friendships and fans all over America.

All those miles, all those county fairs, and concert tours paid off. Eric Church's fan's can't get enough of him. His new CD "Chief" is nominated for Album of The Year at the Grammy's and was the number selling CD in all genres of music the first week it came out. "Chief" is loaded with hits like "Homeboy" and Eric's first ever #1 hit "Drink in My Hand". The song was officially crowned the new #1 in country music yesterday. Congratulations Eric, it will be the first of many to come.