I'm not sure whether to make light of this or not.  According to Newser.com, a retired public transportation worker is putting his money where his mouth is here, betting that this is THE DAY.  Check THIS out! Newser.com gives us the heads up on this story:

Robert Fitzpatrick is sure the world wil lend on May 21st—and he wants everyone to know it. He’s put his life savings—$140,000—into an ad campaign across city transit announcing doomsday, reports the New York Daily News. “I'm trying to warn people about what's coming,” says 60-year-old Robert Fitzpatrick. “People who have an understanding” of the matter “have an obligation to warn everyone.

This man has studied the bible for the past 50 years, and is convinced.

And of course, it didn't take good old CNN  too long to jump on this one!

Global earthquake?  His LIFE savings is being bet on this?  Wow.  I want to write more, but I've gotta get my luggage together.  Because to quote the great philospher, Woody Allen "I don't believe in an afterlife, but just in case, I'm bringing a change of underwear!"

Better get the bucket list together, huh?  What's on yours?  Let us know!