As most know, the Palace Theatre in Albany is a great place to see a concert. I have been there to see Travis Tritt, Trace Adkins and Larry The Cable Guy. It is also a great place to check out classic movies at a very inexpensive price.

Every Month, The Palace breaks out a classic movie to enjoy in their beautiful facility and tickets run about $5. The first in the series on October 24th, will be the ultimate in audience participation with the classic horror movie spoof  "The Rocky Horror Picture Show". Feel free to wear your favorite costume and yell at the screen while doing the Time Warp. Of course, we ask you to keep the children at home for this one!

There will be something for the Sci-fi fans on November 21st with the showing of one my favorite of the original  cast Star Trek movies, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. I remember watching this one numerous times as a kid. Wouldn't mind seeing it on the big screen again, the way it was meant to be seen and hear William Shatner give his classic line.

December will bring a couple great family movies. First off it's a yearly traditon with the showing of the classic holiday movie "It's A Wonderful Life" on December 23rd. The day after Christmas, get the kids out of the house and take them to a matinee showing of Disney's "Mary Poppins".

2012 will also bring some great movies including a Three Sto0ges Film Festival, The cult classic "Office Space" with Jennifer Aniston,one of my favorite sports movies of all time The original "Bad News Bears with Walter Matthau and the very first James Bond movie "Dr. No" to celebrate the 50th anniversary of James Bond.

To check out the full schedule check out the Palace Theatre website and enjoy the show!