There are some subjects that are just slightly uncomfortable to write about.  But then again, it's my responsibility  to cover what everyone's discussing at the water cooler.  Hey.  Just doin' my job here!  So I will now debut a song for summer: Weiner Wonderland!

You all know the story about  Rep. Anthony Weiner.  You'd have to have no tv, radio, or smart phone to not know the tale of woe.   But just in case, here's the Wikipedia bio, a thoughtful post from, some humor from Jon Stewart - (had enough yet?).  OK.  I'll add one more.  A song sung live  this morning on the Sean and Richie Show for your approval or criticism.  I'll take either.  Just interested in your comments, as always.
Weiner Wonderland 6-8-2011 by WGNA-FM

(I got alot of looks from my show-mates when I did this one. They were slightly shocked I think.  Actually, I was shocked that I did it too.  Guess it's all in the name of morning radio)