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Now on to the NFL!!! Okay enough is enough! Fix whatever issues you have and get back to doing what you do best…PLAYING FOOTBALL!!! This time of year all I want to know about Ray Lewis, Peyton Manning and Reggie Bush is how they are excited to get to camp or who will be traded where. This nonsense of Reggie dating a woman that looks EXACTLY like Kim Kardashian and someone sitting down with Ray Lewis and speaking to him like he’s not a insane human missile is enough. When I saw ESPN asking Ray Lewis when he would step in and fix the labor dispute I lost my mind in a fit of rage like the Hulk or ….Ray Lewis. The man is crazy! I love to watch him play linebacker in the NFL but is he the guy I’m going to for business or life advice? Does anyone remember he was involved in a double homicide?

The Manning brothers are using the extra free time the best. These 2 have never met an endorsement deal they could say no to and now they have lowered the bar! You have to see the Direct TV spot they just did. It’s called “Football Cops”. I sadly admit I love this thing. It’s a little gory but such a spoof of a 80’s cop show. It’s a train wreck I’ve watched like 6 times.