This, like all the others, was a real labor of love.  I have to thank Lori Colvin for the original suggestion.  Lots of input for this one, especially from the kids at the Edinburg Common School.  The song and some pictures follow

I also must thank the Edinburg school principal, Randy Teetz for his help in soliciting information from the kids there.   In fact, so much came from them that I decided to basically use their suggestions  which included "mention the bridges", "throw in some na-na-na's", "spell out the name", and "don't forget Maple Hill Farms".

photo by Lori Colvin

Adults also sent me alot of info - but it was impossible to fit everything into a 90 second song, so I decided to go with what the kids sent.  Thanks, guys!

mp3 version (right click to download)

Lyrics ©2013 Richie Phillips All Rights Reserved
(but you can steal it if you're from Edinburg!)
It's New York's Best Secret
On the western tier? You  bet
There's no place on this earth that has more beautiful sunsets
they've got abundant wild life and yes make no mistake
This is one place you'll be pleased if they say "Go jump in a lake"
safe and clean and friendly
it's got  a small town charm
Everyone is together and they will do no harm
one bridge there called  Copeland and  the other Batchellerville
it's a town on the Sacandaga not on the Batenkill
Na  Na Na Nah Na Nah the kids are really cool
Na Na Na Na Na Na at the Edinburg Common School
Now when you visit Edinburg you can't miss the town hall
and though they're small they still have it all
they even have their very own mall
Grab a friend by the arm go to maple hill farms
and the Skye Ranch is a site
and speaking of sites, the  Carriage House is alright
on Beecher Creek painted white
(ready for the na na ma's?)
 na na na, na na na ---ooh I hate to tease,
na na na, na na na , you should try a Creamy Freeze
help us spell it out right now, or you're sitting in the penalty box
E-D-I-N-B-U-R-G rocks!
photo by Lori Colvin


photo by Lori Colvin

There you go, Edinburgians!   Thanks so much for participating in Your Town Thursday.  If you'd like to hear other examples, click below