A woman from Schenectady that was in West Africa last month reported that she was not feeling well on Wednesday.

Photo by Center for Disease Control (CDC) via Getty Images

She went to the Hometown Health Center with flu-like symptoms, similar to the Ebola virus. That triggered an alert to local and state health departments that would handle any possible Ebola cases. After further investigation, and examination, a nurse practitioner gave the woman permission to go home.

There was some confusion about where the woman actually went to when she was not in the United States.

According to the story from the Times Union, the Schenectady Police and Fire Departments were told about the woman’s family and the relationship with family members from Liberia, and her flu-like symptoms, which could be similar to those of Ebola. Also in the warning statement to the departments, it was noted that they need to be aware that the potential for Ebola does exist.

The Centers For Disease Control And Prevention have information about Ebola on their website, which includes ways to help protect yourself against the virus.