Mercury recording artists Easton Corbin is on a roll. Right here at home in the Albany area with 1077 'GNA he is really on fire. Our listeners love his music and it always scores as one of the most popular with our weekly music advisory panels that we send out to select listeners to grade our music selections each week. If you would like to be on our panel to receive and give us your input on a weekly basis just email us your info here and include your name, address and phone number and we will get you added to the panel. Easton Corbin's brand new song "All Over The Road" is also the title of his new CD and it is currently one of the 3 most popular songs we are playing on WGNA right now. He is one of the awesome country hot shots that we are putting on the stage for Countryfest 2013 on July 13th at Schaghticoke Fairgrounds. Get your tickets for the "20th Anniversary" Show here. In a few days we will also have a great local retail location that definitely has a location near you which you will be able to purchase your Countryfest tickets at and save the service charge! Stay tuned for details on that and listen to the big hit from Easton Corbin here, and around the clock on 1077 'GNA.