Well, you win some, you lose some.  I had a rough morning, but at least I gave the East Greenbush song the old college try.

I have to thank everyone who shared information with me about their beloved town. Actually, they gave a lot of facts about all of the businesses who moved out!  I don't think the Chamber of Commerce would appreciate that, so I didnt harp on it too much.
Be that as it may, it's still a great place.  Happy to sing about it, even though it was a little tough to sing live.  I stumbled and fell a few times.  I guess I was tired from all of the excitement yesterday when Newschannel 13 covered my 5 County Anti Bullying Project  Here is the song, East Greenbush- with lyrics to follow
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There is a place
With a real classy name
But it's more than the name that
Attracts us
The townfolk scream
For the Blue Devil team
When there not screaming bout the high taxes
(Each) day we drive by Columbia High
It has quite the respectable rating
(And) beneath a bridge
I am not quite sure which
Each year the kids draw some cool paintings
(East) Greenbush where the traffic is yeechh
Every morning I say holy moly
(I )dream you see of our nice bakeries
Like Zachary's and Crisp Cannoli
I wanna go where Grennbushians go
3 fire departments as you know
(and a) dealership owned by Fucillo that's HUUUUGE
After dinner take a little trip
Grab some dessert at the Lickety Split
Though the Taco Bell and the KFC are closed
That's no longer where Grennbushians go
Mcdonalds left too what a shame
But you can still go bowling at the spare time lanes
the sewage treatment plant stinks as you know
And so does this song on the Sean and Richie Show
I wanna go where Grennbushians go.....