Happy Earth Day!  There are some FREEBIES today!!How about FREE Coffee from Stewart's!!  ALL DAY!  Recycle those plastic bags and replace them with reusable totes.  You can get FREE totes today at so many locations like, Target, The Disney Store, Joanne Fabrics and more!  Andrea's Coupon Club has a full lit of the FREEBIES!

As we celebrate Earth Day with these "FREEBIES"  I thought it would be nice to learn a little about how "Earth Day" came to be!  Here is some of the history I found!

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  • Earth Day is honored around the world on April 22
  • Earth Day is the largest civic event in the world, celebrated simultaneously around the globe. More than a billion people participate in campaigns every year.
  • The idea came to Earth Day founder Gaylord Nelson, then a U.S. Senator from Wisconsin, after witnessing the ravages of the 1969 massive oil spill in Santa Barbara, California

Happy Earth Day!