During the Small Town Tour, I move Your Town Thursday to Friday because that's the day we're visiting all of the great small towns that make GNA great. This week the Duanesburg Diner hosted our broadcast. Also, the diner was very proud that Alan Jackson had eaten here - the waitress who took care of him told a funny story about how she didn't know who he was, at first. 

Duanesburg Theme Song

Words and Music (for a change) by Richie Phillips

(c) 2012 Richie Phillips All Rights Reserved

Yea get in the car you’ll have to go far cuz the evidence is mounting

that Duanesburg is the farthest west you can go in Schenectady county

you can jump out of an airplane and go sky diving round here

but please understand that ambulance corp is


Duanesburg Duanesburg

Wijth several quaint little antique shops you can get some deals when you stop

in Danesburg Duanesburg

It’s a very little town but I’ve sure found it’s got an interesting history


Heres a bit of trivia that you might find insane

About this little corner of the world founded by Judge Duane

in the 1700’s Mayor Duane envisioned something great

If he had his way this place would’ve been the Capital of NY State


Duanesburg Duanesburg instead the town turned into an important railway center

Duanesburg Duanesburg it’s now a bedroom community and some say there’s none better


We can’t forget Delanson, Maryville and Quaker Street,

and of course there’s Eaton’s Corners - is that where people eat?


Jonathans Restaurant

Wolfes Pizza - nothings finer


Duanesburg.Duanesburg. - we're the Sean and Richie Show and broadcasting here today


Duanesburg.Duanesburg - we're here for sure on the Small Town Tour on 'GNA