You would think that if someone did something wrong that they wouldn’t call the police about another person.

"Brother" Lou Roberts Collection

That’s what happened in Livingston, about 50 miles south of the Albany area.

Malcom Sidbury of Albany was driving on the Taconic State Parkway, when someone allegedly ran into his car, and then took off. In the article from the Times Union, Sidbury called the police about the hit and run, and allegedly claimed that the person was driving drunk.

Both vehicles ended up on State Route 82, when the New State Troopers arrived. The driver of the car that allegedly struck Sidbury’s car, Thomas Robbins of Poughkeepsie, was found to be allegedly drunk and was charged with DWI and numerous other charges. Troopers also discovered one other factor - Sidbury was allegedly high on drugs, which led to being charged with DWAI.