Gotta love the Holiday Season! We get some great movies and they come out on Wednesday so we can get away from our families or bring them with your call. Today the Trailer Park features "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo", "We Bought A Zoo" and "The Adventures of Tin Tin".First a book and a foreign movie get a little American flare. Even if Daniel Craig(James Bond) is one of the leads. The title actress is NFL royalty Rooney Marra is the descendant of the owners of the Steelers and Giants. She plays Lisbeth Salander a tattooed hacker that helps Craig.



In "We Bought A Zoo" Matt Damon and his family buy a house in a run down Zoo and dedicate themselves to fixing it up.



A classic comic gets new life from Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson. This is action packed and maybe the best animation I've ever seen. "The Adventures of Tin Tin"