Gobble! Gobble!  If you have a turkey gobbler, a neck roll, or if it looks like you're wearing a pack of hot dogs around your neck, this information is for you!

Now there is a drug that works to combat your double chin!  I know, you're thinking, Bethany, there is no way that's true...

Photo by Paula Bronstein/Getty Images

Well, turns out it is true!  Drug company Kythera's stock is rising as public awareness grows that there is indeed a drug that destroys fat cells in humans.

ATX-101 is the clinical name for the drug that is administered through a series of 6 injections, 4 weeks apart into patients.  Side effects are minimal, and may include, pain, numbness, swelling, or bruising.  A small price to pay to git that gobbler gone!

Although Kythers doesn't have FDA approval for ATX-101, it met it's goals in two major, late-stage clinical studies.  Patients were happier after the treatment with the drug than with the placebo. It seems to properly do it's job of killing fat cells while leaving other tissue largely unaffected.

So far the company is focusing on treating double chins, but, you know what I'm thinking... maybe if you can use ATX-101 (the magic fat-zapper that we've all been waiting for?) on your chin, where else can you use it?  'Cause honey!  I've got a list!