Here is Today's Daily Dilemma:

I'm sure most people are going to say this is a stupid dilemma and Levack will probably say something about "growing a pair" of something but I seriously need a couple of tips. I've been off the market for a long while, and even when I was on the market I was ridiculously horrible at it. I'm admittedly a bit of a dork especially when it comes to women.

Anyway, I got friendly with someone I see at college once or twice a week for the past several months. Last day of semester, so I asked her to hang out--she said yes and we exchanged numbers, she told me to text her if I "get bored".

I think this is a let's go on a date type of hang out... She's mid 20s and I'm early 30s, so we're not high school or undergrad age kids.

Is waiting a couple of days still typical after getting a number? We have both since gone home for the Holidays so I also don't want to be annoying but I wont be seeing her again for month. What should I do, or even what should I say?

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