Last Week, the Inventor of my favorite snack chip Doritos, Arch West, passed away at the age of 97 at his home in Dallas, Texas. He was cremated but will also be buried in a service this Saturday.

As a tribute to the man who created the tastiest of all the snacks, West family will throw chips into the grave site before the urn is buried. According to TMZ, the family will use West's favorite flavors:  Original, Ranch and Nacho chips. West hated the new Cheeseburger flavored chips so those definitely will not be used.

West was an Executive for Frito-Lay when he came up with the idea for Doritos in 1964 after visiting Mexico and trying fried tortilla chips for the first time. His idea didn't get the positive response he hoped from the company, but by 1970 they were Frito-Lay's #1 selling chip. They are now sold in 20 countries and 2010 global sales were about $5 billion.

I would personally like to thank Mr. West for his creation. I have finished off many a bag of his treats. I think I shall head on down to the grocery store today and buy an few in his honor!