Donuts are taking over the food market!! I have a feeling the new Donut creation craze is only just beginning!!! Donut shops and bakeries all over are coming out with new, creative and "yummy" (?) treats for us! Some Chef’s are taking donuts to the next level creating their own specialty donut sandwiches. Here are a few I found. The 'Cronut' A donut-croissant hybrid, created by pastry chef Dominique Ansel, of Dominique Ansel Bakery in NYC. Yummy!! I love these BOTH, so it’s genius someone would think to put them together! It’s reported that there is a constant line to sample the Cronut! If I were in NYC, I am pretty sure I would wait in line!

Sloopy Joe Donut Sandwich This sandwich was created by Chicken Charlie’s. It includes Sloppy Joe filling, covered in shredded cheddar cheese and sandwiched between two halves of a glazed doughnut. Hmmm. I am not sure about this one. Although I do enjoy both individually I am not sure together. This sandwich is featured at the San Diego County Fair. Chicken Charlie’s is known for deep-fried fair food. I love deep fried fair food, so I am thinking this guy knows what he doing. I am tempted to try!

Bacon & Egg Glazed Donut Sandwich Dunkin Donuts claims they are “Going Where No Breakfast Has Gone – We’ve gone and changed breakfast forever. Again! Bite into this smorgasbord of bacon slices and pepper fried egg, sandwiched by a Glazed Donut” I am pretty sure I will love this! It’s everything I like for breakfast in one! I may go there right now.

New! Jelly Donut Pancakes I hop is in the game with a Jelly Donut Pancake! “What a wonderful treat! Fluffy buttermilk pancakes filled with luscious raspberry jelly, topped with real donut glaze, an extra touch of raspberry jelly and a dusting of powdered sugar.” Although I am not a Jelly donut fan, I think they are just so messy, I will try this! It’s a neater alternative, its pancakes! I can’t wait to try it!

So there you have it. 4 new Donut creations. Have you tried any? What would be your ultimate donut creation?