I DO!  It's been fantastic.  The Northeast is THE place to be!  Wouldn't live anywhere else!  The snow, the icesickles, plowing, bundling up in layers, driving to work on the Northway  in the slippery stuff in your SUV and yelling "Yeeeeehaaa" out the window--bring it on!  Gotta have it.

This photo was taken outside the window of our Townsquare Media  Offices on Kings Road in Schenectady, NY.  Isn't the snow beautiful in the background???  OK, sure-- there are some of you that like those Kenny Chesney "Sit On The Beach In Your Tanktop and Flip-flops" songs, but not me!!!  That's not how I roll.  In fact, every time I hear his songs, I immediately change the words to put a more positive spin on Northeast weather.    I happen to have an example here.   (are you shocked??)

So think positive about how beautiful the climate is here, and stop whining.  It'll be over soon.

DISCLAIMER FROM MANAGEMENT:   Richie actually doesn't feel this way at all.    He's just playing a positive person in this blog.   Any resemblance to the true Richie Phillips  is purely accidental.  Your experience may vary.  See Sean and Richie Show for details.  Not available in Puerto Rico or Hawaii, (although Richie secretly would move there in a heartbeat)