This headline isn't QUITE true yet, but it could be reality very soon.  Be warned

Did you know that when you send a text, it emits a certain frequency on your phone?  Same thing when you make a phone call or surf the net.  Different frequencies for each.  Could you imagine if a device could detect such variances.   LIke perhaps…a radar detector?

Getty Images

Yep! That's what's in development.  According to, the gun invented by ComSonics can do all of this.   Now here's the question.  Is it smart enough to know who is doing the texting?  What happens if your wife is texting in the passenger seat?  I don't think they've figured that out quite yet.

Regardless, it just shows you how tekkie technology is becoming.  Pretty soon if you start THINKING about texting you'll be arrested.   Could happen!

Will this new fear of being caught make you think twice?  Hope so!  DON"T TEXT WHILE YOU DRIVE!!!