The week, Eric Stonestreet was chosen by NASCAR to drive the pace car leading the drivers to green flag racing!

Well, when your friends with Kevin Harvick, that could cause for a little concern!

Stonestreet and Harvick had been texting each other all week, joking around about the upcoming race.  Stonestreet's last joke posted to Harvick included a photo of a knife next to his race car tires...that was all Harvick needed.

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Harvick won the pole putting him right behind Stonestreet in the pace car!  Harvick got his revenge on the track by pulling up alongside Stonestreet on the first pace lap.  Can you imagine how scary that was?  I know they look like they are going slow under caution, but it's still pretty fast on that slanted track!

Well, it was fun to watch the pranks unfold on twitter too!

Man, now I want to drive the pace car!