This is exciting stuff.  The Dog Whisperer is coming to the Palace Theatre on Sunday, March, 27th.  Makes me want to sing about it! What a fantastic show this will be!  To learn his secrets IN A LIVE SETTING will be awesome!  Grab your tickets now!!  I know who I'm giving a pair to...My neighbors--that's who!  Hey, I could use alot of help from this canine guru, no doubt, but my neighbors???  Wow! (and they know who they are--no need to divulge any names here).  I could rattle on here with a detailed explanation of the many disruptions their animals have caused to the sleep of the people of Schenectady County, NY.  But I decided to sing about it for you, and dedicate this to Cesar.  This is a parody of Trace Adkin's "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk".

 I recorded this one early in the morning so I could attempt get my voice as low as his.   I think I need more testosterone injections!!!    But that's besides the point.   Hope you get a laff (at all of our expense over here!!)

We can't wait for Mr. Millan to get here.   PRAISE CESAR!!!!   More info? Palace Theatre, Albany NY