I have a new feature that I would like to pursue.  I'm calling it 30 Dogs in 30 Days.  I want to see if I can find a dog blog every day this month.   I never get sick of them, do you?  Here's day one.

Here's my first submission, courtesy of CNN.com.  This is simply called "dog pulls horse". Cute, short, and to the point. It makes no big statement like the latest Budweiser Super Bowl commercial or anything like that.  It's a dog, long rope and horse.  (I'm just trying to fill this article with some type of intro, but I'm having trouble, so let's just go to the video, huh?

Very cute.  I thought it made a great first submission.  Do you have any videos or cute picture of your doggie?  Send the .jpg to me (must be at least 640x480 resolution).

My email address is Richie@wgna.com .  Isn't this fun?  Just think, only 29 days to go!