Let's face it, karaoke is already a tragedy in itself. I mean, other than a very few people who are actually good singers, karaoke is for untalented people who actually think they can sing or the people who enjoy laughing at them.

YouTube Image - Killer Karaoke

Now there is a news show on TruTV called "Killer Karaoke. This show hosted by Steve-O, goes much much further into embarrassment and perhaps even bodily harm.

Now, as you may know I'm no stick in the mud, I love a good laugh as much as anyone. When it comes to contestants going on reality shows that they know can be embarrassing or even dangerous hey, they knew what they were getting into.  I love watching people take falls or have to eat something gross, I get it but there is something about this show that for me, makes it actually hard to watch.

In the show people try to continue to sing common karaoke songs while unexpected things happen to them. In one episode a man has to sing "Stuck in the middle with you" while being attacked by dogs. Yes, he has one of those dog training suits on but he is clearly getting attacked. That one I 'm OK with, it is actually kind of funny. Then in another episode a man is trying to sing while he is continually being shocked in 5 different places on his body with dog collars. Maybe he falls into the "dude you knew what you were getting into" category.

This woman however just seems to be legitimately terrified. Scared to the point that I found it hard to watch. I wonder what you think. Maybe I'm just a softee but really, is this entertaining to you? Here is a woman trying to sing while being dipped into a tank of live snakes.

I don't know maybe it is entertaining but sometimes I just wonder why we enjoy watching others suffer so much and how much will ever be too much?