Kip Moore was recently asked why he chose to light up a cigarette in his latest video for "Young Love." I guess there are those who believe that it sets a bad example for young people.

Kip said, "My whole deal with doing that in the video was, when I was a teenager I would smoke from time to time. It was supposed to be everything how I did it back then." So basically, he's just keeping it real.

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Kip went on to say, that it's the same way with his new record. He thinks there will definitely be people out there who are offended by some of his choices but he also added that he doesn't really care. He said, "You come to a place in your career where you just don't worry about that [crap] anymore, you just don't."

I have to say in my opinion, I could not agree more. This world has gotten so judgmental.  With the internet and the speed at which people are consuming information, you are bound to say or do things that will upset people, and they are all too willing to find fault and call you out.

Who cares if the guy lights up a smoke? Is this really going to make some young kid want to try it? If you see someone you like skydiving does that mean you are going to try it? Really that isn't even a good example because most non smokers already find the habit appalling, so I guess a better example would be if you saw some entertainer eat live scorpions will it make you want to do it to? NO. And more so, what you do and don't do is YOUR responsibility. I am so very tired of people trying to make their bad choices the fault of upbringing or society, they are your choices, own them.

Whew, I feel better now, and I don't think Kip Moore is that worried either, in fact he said, "You realize you're gonna lose fans, but you're gonna gain fans, too. And I'm finally just okay with that. I no longer care about appeasing everyone."

What do you think?  Was it a bad choice to smoke in his video? Will you not be a fan if you find some of the lyrics on his new record offensive to you? Let me know.

Meantime, in case you have not seen the video in question, here is "Young Love" by Kip Moore. In my opinion it's just a great tune!