Richie Phillips recently wrote an article that reflects exactly how I feel about one of my favorite past times, browsing through CDs!  As a music lover, of all genres, I always enjoyed skimming the CD racks at Barnes and Nobles, Borders, FYE, Strawberries, Best Buy and the Virgin mega-store, a hobby that is now a thing of the past.

Although Wal-Mart and Target still have a small section of CDs left, most of the big 'record' stores are out of business or have scaled back to extremely small selections. Don't get me wrong, I love to download music and the access to music is probably the best it's ever been in history.  However, there was just something about browsing through CDs (compact discs for the younger people who may not know what I'm talking about) that was enjoyable.  Sometimes you'd discover new artists, find an old album that was re-issued on CD, learn what songs were recorded by other singers, enjoy the cover art, or find a new project from an artist you didn't even know was still recording.

As Richie also mentioned in his article, there is just something about being able to 'hold' or physically own the music that you've purchased.  Although CDs may take up more room and you can quickly download any song on your phone today, are there any music lover's out there that feel the same way, or is this just a 'nerdy' DJ thing?