I love my husband, but there is a line I don't cross with him.  I won't share his gum, and I won't use his toothbrush!

Some couples are totally into that, but I just can't!

Peter Dinklage won an Emmy for "Game of Thrones" on Sunday night, and during his speech he said, "I wasn't prepared at all.  I was even chewing gum."

And, it looks like he actually spit that gum into his wife's mouth in a video on the Huffington Post!

The gif shows Peter kissing his wife after his name is announced.  As he's pulling away, she puts her hands out, as if she's going to let him spit his gum in them.  Instead, he goes in for what appears to be another kiss and does a classic contraband transfer, Orange is the New Black style!

Once the gum is safely in her mouth, she puts her hands up to her mouth and laughs.


Maybe I'd have a different opinion of Bub doing that to me if he had just won an Emmy, but if he just did it while we were chilling on the couch I'd be pissed!

Do you share gum with your lover?  What's the grossness line that you won't cross?