With so many great shows getting announced for the coming summer, and SPAC celebrating it's 50th anniversary this year, I started reminiscing about my first show at the venue.

I remember it vividly: Lenny Kravitz with Smashmouth and Buckcherry, September 11, 1999. That summer Lenny had a huge hit with "Fly Away" and Smashmouth's "All-Star" was becoming a phenomenon. But the thing that stands out from that show was what happened during Buckcherry's performance. First, Smashmouth and "All-Star" were one of those bands and songs that kids loved. So, as you could imagine, there were many of families at the show.

On the other hand, Buckcherry is a slimy, Guns N Roses type rock band (which I love!). Their hit at the time, "Lit Up," was not exactly a family-friendly song. And Buckcherry took that song to a whole other, let's say, R-rated level during their performance. I will never forget the string of families who got up and left during their set. As a young punk at the time, I thought it was funny. But now as a parent, I get it. Funny how your frame of reference can change your view on things!

That show overall was awesome. A summer celebration at an amazing venue. Great shows always stick with you. We have plenty on the way this summer at SPAC!