Here is Today's Daily Dilemma:

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A year and a half ago I became a  "new parent", and I have had  a ton of questions about the right and wrong way to handle different situations. My Husband and I are doing the best we can and agree on mostly everything. There is one thing we seem to always fight about and I thought maybe the listeners could help.

Here is the question, you put the baby to bed, he is 18 months old now, he cries. This is every night. My husband says there is no reason to get him out of bed and he just has to learn to go to sleep when we put him in the crib. I however have a very hard time letting him cry and after 10 to 15 minutes all I want to do is go get him and make him feel better.

Am I so wrong for responding to my baby's crying? My Husband says I am only making it worse and if we just let him go, he will be fine.

Who is right?

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