During dinner tonight, Andrea mentioned to Caden that his teacher wants him to send in his favorite holiday tradition to share with the class.  So, she asked him, "Caden, what is his favorite holiday tradition.?"

His response made me laugh so hard but I'm not sure how Andrea took it. On one hand,  the one "tradition" the kid remembers is her popcorn, on the other hand his TONE made it sound like it was like a trip to the dentist.  He said "Ugh mom, it's that popcorn thing you make for my class.  You make it EVERY holiday, remember?"  The last part sounding a bit like, " I don't know why we can't come up with something else". Andrea responded "yeah I guess we do make that a lot!" (Moms never do get enough appreciation, even when they are little)

Now I know he loves it because his class loves it , and it makes him a hero. I think it's a great "tradition" and I know it's something he will fondly remember one day.  Truth is though, even if he hated it she wouldn't stop doing it, she loves making the chocolate covered popcorn.  She color coordinated the sprinkles to go with whatever holiday it is!  Then makes something "holidayish" to go on the bag! You be the judge...

Here's the St. Patrick's Day Popcorn:

Sean McMaster

This is last Christmas' Popcorn- with handmade snowman ornaments! They really are quite crafty!

Sean McMaster

I guess it could be worse, they could have a not so yummy tradition!  Looks like, I know what recipe is going to be submitted for the holiday recipe book!

What is your family Tradition?