Ever since the Gosselins took over TLC something like 10 years ago, I've been obsessed with them.  I loved watching how they managed to hold themselves together while they tried to manage a set of twins and a little of sextuplets.

Then, I cried with them as their formerly loving family fell apart after Jon and Kate separated and then finally divorced.

And now, TLC has brought back Kate Plus 8 and the kids are older, I watch again.  I miss Jon a little.  But I didn't like his attitude at the end of their marriage, so I don't miss that.

I'm sure like many nosey Americans, I wonder what Jon is up to now.  Well, TMZ posted a video of Jon Gosselin DJ-ing at a New Jersey bowling alley, while one woman danced.  And it's kind of funny.  Glad you're doing well, Jon!  Keep rocking!

Photo: Getty Images