Here’s a variety of stuff to check out from the web today for Digital Debbie's web watch:

Richie wrote about an article he read in the Times Union called Books for Troops .  It’s about a local retired teacher who is asking people to send in children’s books that will be sent to our troops in Afghanistan.  Some of the servicemen are asking for the books so they can read them to their kids at home over Skype.


There is a guy who is trying to get a job, and wanted to stand out.  Instead of a traditional resume, he created a web page for his resume that looks like an product page: and HE is the product for sale.  He jokes on his resume/product page that he can be “shipped anywhere in the world” and has a list of reviews, just like a product on Amazon.  He said he gave himself mostly 5 star reviews but to make it realistic he did give himself a few 1 and 2 star reviews as if they were written from ex-girlfriends.


Survey discovers that 98% of Chinese parents and 84% of US parents lie to their kids in order to make them behave.  What do most parents lie about?  Seems parents in both countries will threaten to leave a child throwing a tantrum or misbehaving behind in a store or restaurant if they don’t behave.  Do you lie to your kids?    Get an entrée and beverage of your choice at Simply Grille in Albany for $7.  They’ve got kebabs, soup and salads on the menu and even some gluten-free options.