This is my digital camera, and it's fantastic.  It's a little Nikon Coolpix 8200.  I highly recommend it.  Can't say I've mastered everything that it does yet, but I like it.  Are you baffled by what your camera is capable of doing?  Need help?  Hopefully I can give you an answer or at least get the right one from someone else

Here's some sample questions : How much zoom power do you need?  Are a lot of megapixels really that important? Does it really make a difference in what type of memory card you buy?

You can steal any of these or come up with your own.  I will try to answer a few questions on the air next Wednesday, and if I can't get to your question there, I will have it in an upcoming article.

So fire away in the comment section, and hopefully we'll get you snapping away with your brand new camera.  Come on - it's summertime in the Capital Region.  You're missing great shots!