You need to provide for your family, right, but there's always that one person who makes you consider living on ramen noodles in a studio apartment for the rest of your life.

Never fear!  Here are some tips I have discovered -

If you've got a "know-it-all" -

Most likely, he or she doesn't actually know it all, or even a little bit.  But, they will pretend that they do, and will make it appear as if they do.  He or she will dominate conversations - especially with the boss.  They'll take credit for your ideas every time.  If you had a good weekend, they had a better one.  If you get a raise, they got a bigger one.  Grrrrrrrr...

Here's what you can do - 

First, remember that his or her know-it-all attitude is probably stemming from a huge confidence issue or some deeper personal issue.  They're insecure.  Don't let them get you down!  Pick your battles.  Lead by example and make sure you're armed with your own facts.  Also, try to keep your sense of humor - sometimes a joke is the only way to back out of their defensiveness or aggressiveness.

If you've got an "office bully" -

He or she is not like the bully you encountered in elementary school.  It's a whole different bread.  The office bully is the worst of all the trouble makers you'll meet because they're often not easy to avoid and could be a key player in how you're perceived by upper management!!  It could even be your boss!

Here's what you can do -

Maybe the office bully doesn't realize that he or she is being a bully.  If you sense that a simple conversation might help, go for it!  Not to be a downer, but that probably won't help.  So, you'll need to document everything very carefully.  Dates, times, photos and screenshots may come in handy.  You never know when you're gonna need them.  If it gets really bad, you'll need to talk to your supervisor or an HR rep.  And, as a last resort, some forms of office harassment are considered illegal.  You just might have a case.  Good luck - this one can be a tough one.

If you've got a "Maybe-you-don't-know-who-I-am guy" -

You have probably thought, at one time or another, "How did he even get that job?" or "How has he not gotten fired?"... Well, you're in trouble, because this person feels entitled to a certain level of authority in the office and has no remorse about flexing their arrogance, and that can be toxic to moral.

Here's what you can do - 

Stay focused on you.  Build your resume and your personal brand.  Remember why you're there and what your job is.  Try to remember what you want to achieve, and hopefully, just maybe, the cream will rise to the top!

When dealing with any of these difficult types of co-workers, it's important to also look at yourself.  Are you helping or hurting the situation?  How do you think other people at your office view you?  Make adjustments to your behavior to maximize your success.

If none of these tips work for you, hang in there. Every day brings something new.  Maybe that person who makes your workplace a nightmare will quit!  Or better yet, get fired!

But... it might be time to dust off your interview suit and update the old resume!

Good luck!

Photo by Richie Phillips