Just to be clear the lady in the pic is not on the following diet. I think.

I've done some crazy stuff to lose weight before but this is nuts! Female students in China have been eating roundworm eggs to lose weight for job interviews - because employment is so hard to come by.

They hatch in the stomach, allowing those who take them to shed pounds without exercising or dieting in the Xiamen, China. But as you can guess this is far from safe.  Thing is there are so many people in China and jobs are so hard to come by that these females are going to extremes to look thin and hopefully get a leg up.

Other students are staring at pictures for hours on end to suppress their appetite so they can shed excess weight.

A student called Xiaomei said that women are using a 'special soap' that helps them with their diets. Some are having up to 10 showers each day.

The treatments have no scientific basis and are likely to damage health. I think I'll stick with my boy Mike over at Gold's in Guilderland. Thanks but no thanks to eating worms.