Poor Dierks Bentley! He and I have more in common than I realized...

Bronco (Heather Davis)

When I was in college, my parents let me have their 1986 Ford Bronco (full size) while I was in school and commuting back and forth to their house. It had no AC (which wasn't fun in North Carolina during the summer), the tailgate didn't open, the roof was coming down on my head and the driver side door lock didn't work but I loved it anyway. The worst part about it was that the gas gauge didn't work. Normally it wasn't a problem because I know how many gallons it held and that it was getting about 10 mpg on average so I knew about how far I could go. The ONE time that I pushed it a little longer than I should have, I got burned in a big way when I ran out of gas on a giant hill and had to walk the half mile up to the gas station in the heat (this was WAY before I had a cell phone). Now, you would think with the money Dierks Bentley has, he would have fixed the gas gauge in his Jeep, but he didn't and got stranded on the side of the road.

And then he posted a side-of-the-road selfie. He looks so happy!

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