We're at that time of the year where soon, I'll be praying for the first frost so my allergies can calm the heck down. If you're not like me, then maybe you're just noticing the slight weather change and the fact pumpkin spice and Christmas decorations seem to be popping up everywhere you go.

With the weather change, though, I'll be the first to admit something absolutely beautiful begins to take place and it doesn't happen everywhere. It's something within the Capital Region we can definitely take for granted if we've lived here our entire lives because it just becomes a part of our routines and what we're used to. But, the beautiful fall foliage is something to definitely stop and enjoy. The colors are absolutely breathtaking and become a great backdrop for all the festivities we have the enjoy within our towns and cities.

Lou Roberts

The coolest thing I could've stumbled across this morning happens to be a website that tracks the season of fall foliage and updates as the leaves begin to change throughout the state! It makes planning for beautiful sights to see that much easier!

The updating begins again, as it states on Sept. 14 so I wanted to make sure to pass it along to you to enjoy it as much as I plan on! As a former photography major and a person who loves the little things nature brings us, I love opportunities like this.

Check out "Fall Foliage in New York" and enjoy the fall season to it's fullest!