This weekend I went on a wine tour through the Adirondacks. The last stop we made was at the Saratoga Winery and I sure was glad we stopped there. When we got inside they brought us out to the tented area in the back to do our tasting and there was a girl with a guitar singing to a crowd of about 15 people.

Me and Abigail Curry

OK,  it is far from unusual to see a guitar player on a deck just about anywhere here in the Capital region but this one stood out. We all almost immediately looked at each other and said, "Wow, she has a beautiful voice!"

While we were there we learned that was just starting out, she is from San Antonio Texas, and doing a sort of make shift tour of the country,  just playing pretty much anywhere she could get a gig.

Now I don't really know what category of music she actually fits into but it definitely has some Country in it. I'd say almost an alternative Folk/ Country/Indy feel. What I do know is I wanted you all to hear her, so I invited her in to the studio to play a song.

Abigail Curry In Studio

I'm so glad I did because she is just the sweetest thing you'd ever want to meet and when she sang, she was amazing, if you missed it... well,  you missed it because our audio recorder was down and it is now somewhere out there in space, I'm sorry. I did however find a video of her for you to enjoy, here is the original song she did for us this morning it's called, "Come My Way"

If you like her as much as I did, make sure you "Like" her Facebook Fan Page, and let her know!

So Ladies and Gentlemen meet, Abigail Curry....