What?  Is this possible?  I heard about this coming home from the Taste Of Country Music Festival but I wondered what ever happened.  Here's the explosive scoop!

Thankfully, there was no explosion at all. According to the Times Union.com  a woman found something that could possibly have been a grenade while she was cleaning her house in Schenectady.

They actually closed off part of Eastern Parkway while the bomb squad came in and determined that it was a grenade, but not a live one.  They destroyed it apparently.

It turns out that the woman's husband was in the military and must have had this as a keepsake of sorts.

Thank God it wasn't an active one.

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It brought me back my days as a kid.  My father was in the Army during WWII.  He had a samurai sword hanging up in his office and other memorabilia from those times, including bullets.  I guess sometimes you can't let go.  (But I damn sure would have let go of a grenade!)

It makes you realize what people responding to calls like this could possibly face.  We should thank these responders every day for their service in the Capital Region and elsewhere.