So a Facebook friend wrote to me and said,  "Sean did you see the comment of you in John Gray's column today? I don't know what he is talking about!"  So I of course I assumed the worse that John had tried to take me down a notch in his little "article". I was not about to let this go by unanswered!  John Gray? From Fox 23 News? Someone gave this guy a column? Then I remembered hearing that one of his relatives was a big wig over at the Troy Record, and could only assume they gave him the back page to make him feel better about himself.  So I went to check it out.

Sure enough he did mention me in his column. He was going through his mail bag and answering questions, I can only assume ones he made up himself. So within the article he said, "...a TV viewer emailed me last week screaming at me over my handling of the John Edwards story the day he was indicted. She said quote, “I didn’t like your comment. We don’t need a second smartass on TV”. I reviewed the story, saw that I said nothing derogatory and wrote her back to say so. She replied, “You said it with your eyes”. Hmmm, ok. From now on whenever I read stories on Edwards I’ll be wearing sunglasses.

Here’s the real question that’s keeping me up at night—who is the other ‘smartass’ on local TV? Sean McMaster comes to mind, but he’s on WGNA radio."

I was livid! Did this guy just call me a smart ass? Who does he think he is? I was thinking, first of all buddy, you should wear sunglasses? Dude I have to watch the 10:00pm news on Fox blindfolded just to keep my dinner down. She saw it in your eyes? How can she even look at your eyes, they freak me out. One brown , one blue, even your genes can't read a teleprompter. The only time I ever have seen eyes like that it was either a Husky or a serial killer.

Me a smart ass? I just didn't see it. So I went on the world wide interwebs and found a quiz to determine just that at and this is the result I got: "You're probably the one who always has some witty comment or wisecrack ready to throw out onto the field. Sometimes your smart mouth can get you in trouble, but among fellow smart asses you've always got the laugh. What is this? Some sort of a hobby for you!"

So I guess I must actually be a smart ass, who knew?  So in light of that new knowledge, I came to the realization that Mr. John Gray is not mean or malicious he is simply a man with outstanding observational skills who indeed probably made that comment about me as a compliment. Gosh, I love that guy. Now I feel a little bad for saying some of the things I said about him in this blog, so whatever you do - don't tell him about it! Thanks.

God Bless.