A U.S. Marines Corps band spokesperson told ABC News that Beyonce lip synched the National Anthem at the Inauguration ceremonies.  Apparently, all music that is planned for the Inauguration is pre-recorded just in case there are problems with equipment that make it impossible to play live, or the temperature is too cold or there are some other circumstances that would prevent the ability to perform live. Kristin deBois, the Master Sgt. of the Us Marine Band said it was Beyonce’s voice that was used for the pre-recorded version, so she was just lip synching to her own recorded track.

Kelly Clarkson also performed at the Inauguration, singing “My Country Tis of Thee” and was seen mouthing “it’s so hard” to Beyonce, which makes people wonder if they discussed the situation at some point but there is no confirmation of that. A spokesperson from RCA Records confirmed Kelly sang live.