Our friends at Wallethub ranked all of the state capitals in these here United States and I'm sorry to report that Albany, our hometown, didn't do very well!
To identify the state capitals that offer the best of an ideal city, WalletHub’s analysts compared the 50 state capitals across 35 key metrics, ranging from cost of living to K–12 school-system quality to number of attractions.

Albany came in at #35!!

Come on!?!!!?

Here are the best and worst in the country -

Best State Capitals Worst State Capitals
1 Austin, TX 41 Boston, MA
2 Lincoln, NE 42 Baton Rouge, LA
3 Bismarck, ND 43 Dover, DE
4 Madison, WI 44 Honolulu, HI
5 Raleigh, NC 45 Trenton, NJ
6 Boise, ID 46 Providence, RI
7 Montpelier, VT 47 Jackson, MS
8 Pierre, SD 48 Montgomery, AL
9 Helena, MT 49 Carson, NV
10 Columbus, OH 50 Hartford, CT

Click here to see the entire list.

What do you think about our great city not even making the top ten?  I can't stand it!  I'm so competitive that I want Albany to be number 1!

But, based on the criteria, oh, you know, like crime and education system, and taxes and stuff.... I can see why we didn't do so well!

But, I don't want to be negative!  What do you think makes Albany great?  Let me know in the comment section below!