I'm starting a new feature, thanks to a great website.  I wanted to share with you some of the top celebrities' real estate that they are either trying to unload or have unloaded.  Some of these you won't believe.  We'll start with Yankee Derek Jeter's

According to a fascinating website, Top Ten Real Estate Deals.com  DerekJeter made a "short stop" to his real estate agent and had her put his Trump Towers apartment up for sale. I guess it was sold  Here is the description according to the article

 At 5,425 square feet, has 360-degree views of Manhattan, four bedrooms, 5 1/2 baths, an eat-in kitchen and a fireplace. We wonder what new owner, Brazilian businessman Claudio Ferro, will do with Derek’s # 2 that is inlaid in the wood of the entryway in a baseball diamond shape. A true batchelor lair, the walls are covered in brown ultra-suede...




Is that amazing? I guess he bought it for $12 million and sold it for $15 million and change! Personally, I have my eye on the grand piano in the corner overlooking the skyline.  No lack of sunlight in this "crib", huh?

And this is just one of many that I'll try to show you in the future.  And thanks to Top Ten Real Estate Deals.com for allowing me to reprint these photos.

Would you pay that much if you had the money?  Would you even like living in a tower like that?  (Not me!)