I met a group of fantastic kids who wouldn't even THINK of bullying another.  That's a relief, because there is so much of it going around these days.  I asked if they wanted to write a quick "Don't Be A Bully" jingle, and they were "all about it".  Welcome to another stop on the Reading, Writing, and Rhyming TourThe school? Deleware Community School in Albany.  The teacher?  The very competent Jessica Short.  The class? Very, and I mean VERY creative 4th graders.

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      B means Bad

U -Uncool

                                         Ls mean Listen and Learn in school

                          Y means You need to see

                                      why every bully needs to stay away from me

                                    Stop stop stop!  You're embarassing me !


photo by Richie Phillips

The rough draft

photo by Richie Phillips

 Final Lyrics

I had a blast with this group, and couldn't believe how many ideas they had for this little song.  I wanted to include all of their thoughts, but it's difficult in a one minute ditty.

Special thanks to Hannaford Supermarkets